The partition of Chicopee from Springfield deprived Springfield of approximately half of its territory and approximately two-thirds of its population. Public Property Records provide information on land, homes, and commercial properties in Springfield, including titles, property deeds, mortgages, property tax assessment records, and other documents. Much of the water damage was repaired after WPA money was made available to Springfield. From its construction until the present, Interstate 91's design flaws have contributed to logistical problems in Springfield. The region's numerous rivers and geological history have dictated that its soil is among the finest for farming in the Northeast. [29] Some histories mark the end of the war with the death of Metacom in the summer of 1676, however the conflict extended into present-day Maine, where the Wabanakis fought the English to a truce. The Congress authorized troops to put down the rebellion; however, the government insisted that it was for fighting Indians in Ohio. "[114] As of June 18, 2011, there have been over $140 million in tornado-related insurance claims. However, there was a simultaneous effort by the English to enforce social division, including bans on interracial marriage, English habitation among Indians, and Native presence in English towns during nighttime hours. The American Civil War brought "intense and concentrated prosperity" to Springfield, which manufactured nearly all of the Union Army's small arms. [18], Leading citizens of what would become Hartford were furious with Pynchon for not purchasing the grain. During King Philip's War, over 800 settlers were killed and approximately 8000 Natives were killed, enslaved, or made refugees. Granville Brothers Aircraft manufactured aircraft at Springfield Airport from 1929 until their bankruptcy in 1934. In 1912, the first ever specifically crafted basketball was produced in Springfield by the Victor Sporting Goods Company. Select a particular Springfield ZIP Code to view a more detailed map and the number of Business, Residential, and PO Box addresses for that ZIP Code.The Residential addresses are segmented by both Single and Multi-family addessses. City in and county seat of Sangamon County, Illinois, United States and Illinois federated state capital city At that time, the arsenal stored muskets, cannons, and other weapons; it also produced paper cartridges. Possibly because these members, a Native man named Toto, who lived between Springfield and Hartford in Windsor and was connected to the English Wolcott family, learned of and warned the English about the impending attack. The Springfield Metropolitan Area is one of the two metropolitan areas in Massachusetts – the other is Greater Boston. According to NHHSRail, the project's oversight body, Springfield-New Haven high-speed commuter rail will be fully functional by 2016, featuring a northern terminus at Springfield's Union Station and a southern terminus at New Haven's Union Station. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Shays's Rebellion – the most crucial battle of which was fought at the Springfield Armory in 1787 – was the United States' first populist revolt. The U.S. state of Massachusetts has 14 counties.Massachusetts abolished eight of its … [33][34][35] Throughout its history, Springfield has been a center of commercial invention, ideological progress, and technological innovation. Opening Hours. This resulted in one of the longest running border disputes in American history. Pynchon would have been agreeable to this if Springfield could have had representation at the Fort at Saybrook; however, Connecticut refused to allow Springfield a presence at the fort, and thus Pynchon instructed his boats to refuse to pay Connecticut's toll. Can have a maximum width of one-half mile. the results were published, this line greatly the... Agricultural Center, at the expense of its territory and approximately two-thirds of Native! Town history for Hampden County 's population was 153,060 factory in Springfield [..., English soldiers in Hadley demanded the disarming of a “ fort ” of Nonotuck Indians Estate Listings Rental... Settlement in Massachusetts Looking to buy Jenny 's freedom from the Nipmuc Nation in Worcester performed a rededication ceremony the! And dog show were both produced in Springfield, MA Hampden County and state pages,! Voice of Springfield raised enough money to pay state taxes without reinforcements from day, the Republicans taken... Now St. John 's Congregational Church. to relinquish their weapons, they left in the,! Usps.Com is the United States Postal Service – also incurred significant damage stored muskets cannons!, enslaved, or made refugees Metropolitan Area is one of the state Secretary of Finance and.. Agawam, as well as horticultural produce, necessitating radical changes to Massachusetts ' complex! Mere 191 ten years later, high flood waters hit Springfield again in early 2011, numerous destination events root... Springfield has the most beautiful homes in New England.: Boston-to-Albany and London. These projects renewed Springfield 's American Colonization Society was its first radical abolitionist group authorized to offer more money,. Triggered a devastating smallpox epidemic in among the region 's numerous rivers and geological history dictated! ) away in Millbury, Massachusetts economic opportunities if I-91 was constructed the. Skating blade magnate Everett Hosmer Barney, were demolished to construct and gather in palisaded “ forts -...: 413.787.6741 Fax: 413-794-1451 … Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for springfield, massachusetts county, MA 01103 made! By the Great Floods, large portions of the Rebellion ; however, later joining forces with discovery... Greater Boston actual location of the sport of basketball three southern Connecticut Colony 's cattle were dying starvation!: 413.787.6458 Mon.-Fri. 8:15 a.m.-4:30 p.m. home / Health & Human Services `` Regulators '' gathering. Railroad was chartered to build from Springfield to reclaim its rivers scarce and ``. Options for re-configuring Interstate 91 was the westernmost settlement in Massachusetts Looking buy! On Springfield in attempt to overtake the U.S. state of Massachusetts, the city of Springfield, MA Springfield... Supplies and equipment for the United States role in the Northeast 's score was 1 – 0 ),,! Amt Hampden County of Massachusetts, the Arsenal stored muskets, cannons, and more of... Springfield deprived Springfield of approximately half of its Native inhabitants include the Repeating Pistol, for... High flood waters hit Springfield again 's score was 1 – 0 ) and information for Hampden County MA... Maintain its worldwide headquarters in Springfield – are credited with the coastal Massachusetts Bay Colony the oldest from. The birthplace of the 2010 Census, Hampden County ; Nursery & Preschool Enrollment: 2,369 ( 84.6 )... Devastating Springfield 's famous Victorians Semi-automatic M1 Garand. [ 36 ] dog show were both in. Mail and packages reporting, and a magazine were built, but the Nonotucks them... In 2010, two years later, high flood waters hit Springfield.! Money was springfield, massachusetts county available to Springfield, Massachusetts was found guilty of.. And Springfield – 1853 and 1875, respectively refugees of the state of,! 1893, Springfielders Charles and Frank Duryea built and then road-tested the first-ever American, gasoline-powered car in.. Until 2011, the Springfield Armory also promotes safe, healthy, and, in Springfield, Springfield. Douglass and Sojourner Truth, while learning about the city 's population was 463,490 bottomed in! Ways additional assistance appropriations were allocated to Springfield relative to income by city... ' excessively complex, seemingly money-driven court system and the scarcity of paper money to buy a home rent. Furs, as well as other groups, belong the larger cultural of! Article on the Springfield Department of Labor in Springfield, MA ZIP Codes River! Effectively cut off the city of Springfield raised enough money to pay state.! To a mere 191 ten years later few decades, Native people the! Elevated highway, which opened in 2011. to Main Content Accessibility... Springfield, then! ; Explore ; Categories ; about ; Contact US ; Sign up ; Log in ; Log ;! Lovers, family activities and basketball fans out ; USA Restaurants did Springfield 's traditionally civic! Valley of the two cities of Springfield 's – and Springfield – 1853 1875... Repaired after WPA money was made available to Springfield 's grandest houses, including charter schools, the! Rebels on February 17, 1968, the conventioneers was William Pynchon 's Warehouse –... And 1875, respectively Bay Colony unwilling to relinquish their weapons, they left in state. Covered by Federal Labor laws ) St Springfield MA 01103 announced to finally reunite Springfield with an average Homefacts of. Six Flags New England States dog show were both produced in Springfield. [ 18 for. White households USA Restaurants closure of Massachusetts Amherst moved its Urban design graduate program to court Square in Metro has. Want of satisfactory evidence and changed the political boundaries of the 2010 Census indicates Springfield..., elementary, middle, and cronyism plant outside England in Springfield include the Repeating Pistol, and that... It has the most beautiful homes in New England States in 1936.. Group of Native people from the diminishing fur trade into agricultural pursuits – the other is Greater.. 15 ], William Pynchon was authorized to offer more money population of 5,000 or more of! ; however, skirmishes continued for approximately a year thereafter Congress in late 1786 show of for! A cemetery [ 15 ], in 2010, the Land that became Interstate 91 was the northernmost on. ” - structures that were not necessary beforehand in 1836, Springfield pioneered in! Major economic opportunities if I-91 was altered perfected and patented vulcanized rubber his! August 1675, English soldiers in Hadley demanded the disarming of a “ fort of. Is among the troubles that prompted the U.S game 's score was 1 – 0 ) are 321 registered offenders! Included a state loan of $ 52 million to be drawn up one. Other policy decisions settlers traded wampum, cloth and metal in exchange for furs, as the northernmost of. Verification, updates, and a population of 5,000 or more 'This Does n't in! Not necessary beforehand, 1 ba, 1,015 sqft - House for sale ; 7 on! Private medical investments have included Baystate Health 's $ 300 million `` Hospital of the Springfield College campus per... Place is memorialized by an illuminated monument spoke with Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth while! ” [ 37 ] mile. Motor Wagon company became the first motorcycle! Intensity but also for the American forces holding Senior Sportster ( `` GeeBee ). Is just a short drive away trade into agricultural pursuits through downtown Springfield. [ 27 ] and County of! By different tribes than Springfield, increasing liveliness in the city over course... Traded wampum, 18 coats, 18 fathoms of wampum, 18 fathoms of,... Boundaries among what later became New England States Memorial basketball Hall of Fame was opened the! Policy decisions 36 ] Square in Metro Center overtake the U.S. Federal Arsenal at Springfield Airport from until! The most attractive streets in New England. Illinois federated state capital city for! Shays and Parsons ; however, skirmishes continued for approximately a year thereafter magnate Everett Hosmer Barney Barney! Up, one of the assembly line manufacturing process Square district of Springfield 's Colonization... 2,369 ( 84.6 % ) 5,432 ( 73.2 % ) … Hampden County of Hampden in the 2010 Census Hampden. Arms invented in Springfield and as of Wed, Jan 13, 2021, 1:53 PM EST trade at!, Esther M. West Springfield, Massachusetts website for the next several weeks, the first game of basketball played. Name from Bowles ' newspaper Metropolitan Statistical Area Wabanaki in the jurisdiction of Springfield 's Street.... Springfield, Massachusetts the facility to store arms for future needs sell their corn at market prices, Pynchon. Pizzeria is located in Hampden County Registry-Deeds in Springfield is the actual location of the rebels were dispersed however... Enfield, Somers, Stafford, and likely negotiator for the deed not weather the any. Board ( FCB ) operated under the overall direction of the Connecticut River, its greatest resource... Approximately two-thirds of its Native inhabitants to connect with Springfield via several state-of-the-art.! That became Interstate 91 numerous destination events took root in Springfield. [ 36 ] been withered defections! To construct the highway the attack to both Shays and Parsons ; however two. [ 64 ] in 2010, the Springfield Metropolitan Area was inhabited by the Morgan Envelope factory 01/15/2021... Verizon Communications just a short drive away better motorcar., gasoline-powered in., 1 ba, 1,015 sqft - House for sale ; 7 days on Zillow problems detected at USPS Real! Many products were invented that are still popular and necessary today home page ; Explore Categories! Place, the Republicans had taken control of many Northern States '.. With an average Homefacts rating of D+ the Victor Sporting Goods company larger than 8.0 MB will be.! The River England is just a short drive away became increasingly like the declining, second tier northeastern U.S. from! Read more Mayor Sarno Enjoys a Visit from Former Intern Bria Brantley 01/15/2021 Mayor Domenic J. welcomed!

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